C Bar N Appaloosas has been a family based operation for the last 35 years. Cal and Nancy Schaver started out in Illinois, where they grew up. They were two of the founding members of the Mississippi Valley Appaloosa Horse Club in 1972. From there, Cal purchased a young stallion, Twister's Whisker, and a young mare, Lady's Cotton Candy. The young couple knew they had something with these two horses, so they decided to cross the two. The end result was a beautiful sorrel with a white spotted blanket they named Handy Twist. That summer, they showed Handy at local and regional shows. This dynamic team walked away with the weanling stallion halter High Point for the MVApHC.

The following year Cal's job called for them to relocate into Wisconsin. As a result of the move Cal and Nancy had to say good-bye to a few of their beloved steeds. Through the next few years the Schavers stepped back from the horses as they raised their family of six kids ( Bradley, Teresa, Brian, Tracey, Tina, Teri). The first three kids showed little interest in the horses, then along came Tracey and Teri (the horse nuts!), and that was all the excuse Cal needed to get back into the horses. Tracey and Teri proudly showed their Appaloosas at all the 4-H and open shows in the area.

Tracey went on after high school to attend Black Hawk College and recieved degrees in horse sceince and equistrian science. Teri is trying hard to juggle her college courses(accounting), a job and horses. In 2003, Cal was able to achieve his life long dream of showing at the Appaloosa World show. To add to the silver lining, Tracey was the one who trained and qualified the mare, QAR Luck of the Deal, in Pleasure Driving. Their first World Show was a big success, Tracey drove in the Open Pleasure Driving and placed 9th. Cal drove in the Non-Pro Pleasure Driving and placed 6th.

Some of our best memories are with these uniquely spotted animals and we hope to continue the tradition as we bring on the grandchildren. We have a few of our wonderful horses posted for sale and if you are interested in any of them, you can contact us at (608) 897-4648 or e-mail cschaver.net

Meet Cal and Nancy Schaver

Handy Twist back home with the Schavers.  Picture taken at the age of 32 years.  On Monday, June 28, 2004 We layed our beloved friend to rest.  You will forever be remembered.  Good Bye!

Cal Showing QAR Luck of the Deal at the 2003 Appaloosa World Show.  Placing 6th in the Non-Pro Pleasure Driving.